Professional forums:

The laLAB Colloquium (a.k.a  Loloquium) is a discursive space sustained by members of laLAB to share and support each other’s research work, exchange psychoanalytic feedback, and invite guests. Whenever sessions of the Loloquium are open to the public, they will be announced on our Facebook page.

Clinical Discussion Group
In the Clinical Discussion Group practicing members of laLAB gather to discuss different case studies they work with. The group is moderated by Alan Rowan (NLS) and meets every two weeks. The group is open to therapists and counselors who wish to work in a Lacanian orientation and discuss the value of Lacan’s theory in the clinic.

Reading groups:

Lacan Reading Group
In the Lacan Reading Seminar we meet weekly for the close reading of Lacan’s teaching. We engage with Lacan’s psychoanalysis, extracting straightforward and non-metaphorical ideas and also learn how to read Lacan. In the current semester we read Lacan’s most important paper on the topic of psychosis: “On a Question Prior to Any Possible Treatment of Psychosis” (1959).
moderated by Dr. Leon Brenner. contact us via email to sign up for the upcoming Semester

Feminist Psychoanalysis / Psychoanalytic Feminisms (FPPF) is a research community focused on the psychoanalytic study of sexuality, discourses of femininity, and the politics of sex and gender. It is an inclusive and experimental space, open to everyone within or without laLAB. We are mostly early career scholars in diverse disciplines and artists, with some degree of commitment to psychoanalytic inquiry. Some of our main interlocutors have been texts by Luce Irigaray, Jane Gallop, Jacqueline Rose, and Michèle Montrelay.
organised by Shira Dushy, Vira Sachenko, and Joanna Sztulman. You can learn more or join a Thursday session by contacting us at:


Lamella is a zine launched in May 2019, a creative platform for members of laLAB to reflect on shared research interests and aesthetic affinities.
produced by the editorial team: Leon Brenner, Vira Sachenko, Camila Gonzatto, and Adam Łuczak.