Tuesday December 3 2019
Is nothing something?:
He steals nothing,
steals nothing,
still nothing,
no thing,

Friday November 29 2019
Three of laLAB’s very own are to present their papers in the upcoming Sabina Spielrein international conference in Warsaw, Poland (2-4 April 2020). Find out more on the conference official website.

Tuesday November 26 2019
On the analyst barking up the wrong tree: Acting out always comprises an element that is highly significant... It's always a message, and it's for that reason that we are interested in it when it occurs in an analysis. It's always addressed to the analyst in that the latter is not, in brief, all that badly placed, but not completely in his place either. It's in general a hint that the subject is giving us and this can sometimes go a long way and sometimes be very serious.” (Lacan, SV, p. 389)

Tuesday November 19 2019
”Introducing the patient to an initial situating of his position in reality” - in the reading group, we have started working on Lacan’s idea of reality. Not so much the reality ego-psychologists aim to adapt their patients to but a reality that is fabricated with the direct involvement of the subject. What is your part in this whole drama?

Sunday November 17 2019
The Second Lamella Workshop - an interesting shared experience in the aim of collecting materials for the next zine issue.

Tuesday August 20 2019
“One takes to the door sometimes, and it is always a pretty decisive act. And more often than not, a door is denied you.(Lacan, Seminar II)

Friday July 12 2019
The First Lamella Workshop - a group discussion connecting lacanian concepts that we’ve been reading and discussing.

Saturday May 25 2019
The Lamella photography exhibition - presenting photos by Aghi.